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5 crews + 5 European cities

 Our latest project with AirTransat took us to 5 European cities with 5 different local crews, introducing us to 5 Canadian expats and exploring their favourite local spots. 
From some #setlife in Prague…
…all the way to that garden in Porto;
Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 20.51.36
From cheersin’ in Budapest…
…to capturing that Tuscan sun;
…These Canadian expats took us on a tour of what makes these place their home away from home. Check out all the videos here. And of course – huge shout out to all the fabulous teams who brought these virtual tours to life across the pond!
 Budapest: Umbrella Films
 Paris: HK Corp
Tuscany: Armonica Films
Porto: Lightbox
Editor (Toronto): Ben Dickerson
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