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#BringItHome with Samsung: Behind the Scenes

Samsung recently launched their #BringItHome Olympic campaign, buy information pills sending notes of cheer to our Canadian athletes across the ocean. We had the opportunity to create online videos for this campaign; two of which transitioned into TV spots – which was a monumental moment here at Notch :-)

In the words of the Happy Creations team – our star editors on this production – “What really took the cake was seeing the Hayley Wickenheiser spot air on CBC during the opening ceremonies. It was really exciting to feel like we contributed in some small way to the massive effort that goes into the Olympics so that for a couple of weeks the world can play together in peace.”

This project was a unique experience, click shooting with 5 different crews in 5 different cities across 5 different provinces – and working with amazing Canadian athletes Steve Stamkos, dosage Hayley Wickenheiser, Greg Westlake, Michael Gilday and Marie-Eve Drolet.

From shooting our Olympians on the ice to capturing people sending their notes from coast-to-coast, this project involved a lot of different people and got that Canadian pride flowin.

We caught up with some of these crews to share some insight on how this Olympic experience was one-of-a-kind.

Check out the awesome – and thanks to everyone involved in making it happen :)

This shoot was different:

“The obvious difference is that I normally don’t get to wear ice cleats on set – that was a bonus,” said our Toronto cinematographer Maya Bankovic. “But also getting the chance to give a hockey rink a surreal, magical look was a lot of fun. For these spots, we needed to give the everyday grind of practice and training a beautiful and spectacular feel, something that evoked the deeper sense of purpose and meaning that the athletes feel when they’re working as hard as they do.”

How did that happen?

“We ended up playing with flares a lot on set, either by using small handheld lights that our gaffer Edwin Lau would artfully employ, or by backlighting the athletes and giving the entire atmosphere an ethereal quality.” Maya commented.  


Interesting challenges arose on set…

“When you’re shooting outdoors the weather is either your best friend or worst enemy – especially here in Nova Scotia,” Julian – our East coast crew from Format Films – said. “One thing that none of the team even thought about was the tide! We arrived on location to find the tide was coming in at a hell of a rate so we had to work fast. Thankfully, the family we were shooting was so chill they made it easy for us & we walked away after an hour of sweat and stress on our part, with a wonderful scene in the bag.”

Beyond these natural elements, working with the athletes themselves brought forth something new, too:

“Witnessing the amount of times the athletes could (seemingly effortlessly) repeat moves and reps for our cameras on the ice and in the gym was awe-inspiring. Keeping up with them to make sure we’d get the shots was a fun challenge!” Maya added.


…and in post:

“One of the more interesting challenges was the speed skaters because there were two voices instead of one on the VO. Ben layered the voices in a couple of places and the effect worked really well with the two skaters speaking as one” Star Spider of Happy Creations said.

With footage coming in from across the country, it was interesting to see how it all began to fit together.

“When the footage started coming in we were really impressed,” Star commented. “ It looked awesome and it was really cool to see all the athletes in action and all the people across Canada showing their support.  All the footage was shot in Red so it was really nice to work with because it was really high quality and looked gorgeous.  Ben started cutting right away and it all came together pretty quickly with the layering of the supporters and the athletes in action.”

All in all (and most importantly)..

The Olympic spirit was felt from coast to coast:

“To be able to meet Hayley and work with her was a pleasure, I really do feel the notes of cheer will help her bring it home,” Lenny Rubenovitch of Underexposed Agency commented from the west coast. “It was interesting to see all the scenes come together and see what scenes were being used where. I’m from Squamish and was happy to have this a part of the whole project – especially since we have quite a few Olympians representing Squamish!”

Similarly to the Olympic Games themselves, this project was a bit of an endurance test:

“In this game you just have to keep on going, keep working towards getting the shot – it doesn’t always work out but when it does – it’s the most rewarding job in the world,” Julian added.

And so, without further ado, let’s bring it home Canada :-)


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