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By Lapse Productions

“How much does a video cost?” is the most common question we get. So, we’ve asked video creators to identify a video they like & let us know what they thought it would cost to produce. The only catch: IT’S NOT THEIR VIDEO (so all posts are merely an estimate by each video creator on what they thought a similar video might cost). Enjoy the series! 

So, how much did that video cost?

There are a number of reasons why this particular commercial stood out to us. With so many advertisements being consumed on a regular basis, it’s hard for many of them to break through to their target audiences. The beauty of this ad is that it uses a combination of light comedy and simplicity to get the message across and promote the fantasy golf app ‘AVIS COACH’.

The video starts off with a professional golfer getting ready to make his first shot on a golf course. We then see a golfing ‘coach’ rudely come in on a cart to tell the golfer something. This is when the comedic cue comes in because the ‘coach’ gives a slightly exaggerated explanation to the golfer – as if it was done online through fantasy golf. Generally, the whole presentation is a comedic exaggeration.

In terms of the process, it looks like the video was filmed with simple flat shots to simply show the interaction between the ‘coach’ and the golfer. It finishes with showing the website and the mobile app for AVIS COACH.

So now let’s dive into what we think it could have cost to produce this project:


  • Concept/Script/Storyboard: $500-$1000 – (Concept could have been developed in-house)


  • 2 Main non-actra talent : (2x$1500=$3000)
  • Non-actra background actors: 200 x [roughly] 40 extras = $8000


  • Camera Rental (RED camera package): $500-$1000
  • Light diffusers/blockers/reflectors: $500-$1000
  • Cables, misc.: $200


  • Location (8 hours): $500-$1000


  • Location Scout: $500
  • Director: $1500
  • DP/Camera: $1000
  • AD: $1000
  • Gaffer: $1000
  • Location Sound: $1000
  • Make-up/Hair: $300

Post Production

  • Editor: $2000
  • Stock Music: $500
  • Account Management: $1000
  • Motion Graphics: $500

TOTAL: $23,000-$25,000

Learn more about Dario & Kyrill @ Lapse Productions on their website.

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