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“You can have a really hard time figuring out the emotional connection between our brand and Canadians, and video really serves that purpose”

We recently sat down with Natasha Lasiuk, malady Associate Director of Markeing at Air Miles to discuss the strategy behind their latest #AirMilesStories video.

“We’re constantly trying to find new ways to communicate what the value of a mile actually is, page ” Natasha said. As a predominantly virtual brand, there it can be challenging to understand what Air Miles rewards actually look like in real life.

Their recent Collector Stories campaign incorporated video to showcase how Air Miles rewards have made a difference in consumer lives. Because video allows you to witness real-time reactions and see the people experiencing these emotions, it evokes a response that isn’t as effective with other mediums.

“Video allows you to profile different people, different regions, different aspects of the rewards program and really bring those rewards to life.,” Natasha said.

Ultimately, that’s what video can do for your brand: it humanizes your story.

Check out the interview below!

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