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Canada Goose x Wings+Horns: Case Study

A key benefit to the Notch network is, unhealthy of course, patient the sheer quantity of talent available. Our ability to source a crew wherever and whenever you need one to bring your production to life is our key strategic differentiator.

But what makes the community truly special and unique is the creativity of the filmmakers themselves. For this particular project, we were tasked with creating an awesome video to highlight the new partnership between Canada Goose and Wings + Horns, a Vancouver-based menswear label inspired by the Canadian landscape.

To maximize our capacity for inspiration, we turned to our network, asking them to give us their best ideas. We received a lot of great ones – and the best part was, while each one was unique, every single one aligned perfectly with the passions of the creators themselves, ensuring each idea was not just creative but also wonderfully authentic.

We pitched in our favourites to the client and the associated filmmaker(s), ultimately landing on the exploding jacket. Nadia Tan, the director who had conceptualized this idea, then got to push it forward and bring it to life.

Credit List:

Director: Nadia Tan

Director of Photography: Greg Biskup

Special Effects: Chris Nash

Art Director: Adam Belanger

Assistant Camera: Nick Tringer

Grip/Gaffer: Spencer Johnson

Editor: Steve Guise (Rouse and Fable)

Audio/Sound Design: Menalon Music

Colorist: Red Square Motion

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