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Canadian Tire TESTED: Case Study

Canadian Tire’s recent ‘Tested for Life’ program was designed to ensure that the products available in the company’s store were capable of standing up to the jobs and joys of life in Canada. And who better to test them, than Canadians themselves.

In other words, product testing by Canadians, for Canadians. Why? People trust one another more than they trust brands.

Handing over the reins to the consumer can be a nerve-wracking tactic for any brand – you’re essentially giving them the power to showcase your business in whatever manner they see fit.

But the thing is, when you get right down to it, in the age of social media, consumers already have the control – so why not embrace the opportunity for relatable and honest content that can drive earned media and brand loyalty (and ultimately, make that sale)?

For this project, Notch was tasked with creating hundreds of video testimonials from Canadian Tire’s roster of 15,000 product testers by activating our network of filmmakers across the country.

Asking a roster of thousands of people for video testimonials is understandably a huge logistical challenge. It’s a massive investment of both time and money for everyone – but our decentralized network afforded us the ability to produce a multitude of content at a fraction of the cost (and time) that it would have for a big ad agency.

From major cities to remote villages and everywhere in between, we sourced local talent to shoot each interview, centralizing all footage with an editor at home in Toronto.\


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