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Content Strategy Insights: Connect with your Audience

Everyone is hooked on the idea of creating their own viral hit – but it shouldn’t be simply about racking in the views or becoming that go-to example of branded content.

We sat down with Erin Bury to discuss the crowded online space and how video can help you break through this – but it’s not just about making headlines and creating that widely-recognizable piece. It’s about having a specific purpose that directly benefits your audience.

“Today, everyone’s a content creator,” Erin said. Every brand, every video – they aren’t just competing with other brands but also the average consumer – and sometimes these videos resonate with you more than a million dollar vid.

Plain and simply, Consumers don’t care about what brand did what – they’re looking to watch a video that gives them the information they need, or tells a story that resonates with them in some way shape or form.

In other words, vdeo shouldn’t be seen as just a content piece, but as a tool to genuinely connect with your audience.

As a brand, think about the reason you’re making a video and make sure you’re not just doing it ‘because’. Your video should solve a problem; have a purpose; create an emotional connection with your audience. Don’t make a video just because you know they perform well statistically – make sure it’s worth putting out there.

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