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Creators Talking to Creators: Video Metrics

Online video continues to work as a widely used tool to effectively engage and educate an audience, health showcase your brand culture and build your brand identity.

Aka, doctor video can a do a lot for your business – but with so much potential riding on this medium, page it’s essential to know if (and how) it’s actually working.

As part of our ‘Creators talking to Creators’ series, we got Vidyard’s Chief Marketing Officer Tyler Lessard to turn the camera on himself and share his insight on that next step. So you made a video – now what?

Monitoring view counts is important – but it’s not just about eyeballs. It’s ensuring the right people are consuming that content and knowing what they’re doing with it.

In other words, does your content simply exist or is it actually working?

Check out Tyler’s video to see what metrics to track and how, as a startup, you can use this insight to propel your business forward:

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