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How Much did that video cost? By N’tchidjè Doumbia of Great Things Studios

“How much does a video cost?” is the most common question we get. So, hospital we’ve asked video creators to identify a video they like & let us know what they thought it would cost to produce. The only catch: IT’S NOT THEIR VIDEO (so all posts are merely an estimate by each video creator on what they thought a similar video might cost). Enjoy the series!  

So, visit this site how much did that video cost?

We often hear that great gears don’t make great video.  It’s the team behind the lens and the story that makes the difference, information pills right?

This is definitely right, especially in this day and age where any Joe Blow could hit the nearest electronic store, buy an HDSLR and claim itself a Videographer.

Bentley Motors last “docu-commercial” is proof that great content and great people can create exceptional work. 

$300 000 Luxury car commercial shot on the iPhone 5s? Yes!

Bentley had one goal: show how their luxury car – the Bently Mulsanne – integrates technologies, performance and luxury all together to create an effective user experience. How?  Integrated iPads Air in the rear seats. Yes sir – use the in-car technology and connectivity to create a whole video!

Let’s analyze what we have real quick.

Scripting & Scouting

Very simple script.  Two Bentley brand representative talking about their vision and passion for the product while taking a ride in the city (obviously inside a Bentley Mulsanne.)

Scouting looks pretty simple – a couple streets and bridge scenes to give that urban look and show car versatility.  We’re assuming half planned, half on-site findings.

Scripting fees & administrative = $2000


Director cost is really dependent on notoriety, portfolio and so on.  Let’s assume that for such a simple project, cost would have been on the low side.

Director costs = $5000

Camera & Equipement

Camera used? The iPhone + accessories.  For such a production you’re likely better off just using your own iPhone or buying new ones at $500 apiece. They’d likely also need:

A couple camera handle kits like the Kickstarter BeastGrip: $225

Lens adaptor for a better photography choice (Fisheye, etc.) All 37mm mount:  $500

And let’s not forget the incredible Movi M5 that goes for around $5000 – let’s assume they already owned or rented.

This video was likely shot in a day, starting early morning 6am and finishing around 5pm to start editing.

Equipment cost total = $6000


According to the directors of this video, this spot was edited in the Bentley Mulsane with the iPad Air, using iMovie and the FiLMiC Pro app.  No Premiere, nor after effects, nor Nuke, etc.  Just IMovie and great editors.  B&W color grading was likely used to give that classy look… and hide iPhone color science.

6 hours of editing at $300/h

Half a day of editing cost = $1800


Music was probably licensed from a major music online library.

Music licensing for the video = $300

Transportation & location

Transport and commodity for a micro team of 3 for a full day = $500

As you can see, the content here is key – not the gears.  I’m sure Bentley has the money to have an Arri Alexa camera crew and Galaxy Cranes – but this is not the point here.  When you have a great product and/or services, good content and good videographers, tools come secondary.

In my opinion, this spot stands as proof that content-marketing is the future of marketing.

Approximate total cost for this project = 15 600$

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