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“There’s immediacy with video storytelling, there’s personality, and quite simply, there’s a lot of fun” – Why Video works for B2B

There’s a huge opportunity with video to reach a wide audience through one piece of content. But regardless of this – people still want to feel like they’re engaging with custom content; content that’s speaking to them specifically.

We sat down with IT editorial director Shane Schick to chat through the idea of tailored video in a B2B context.

“You can’t approach audiences as one homogenous group, patient ” he said. “Even in B2B it’s not just B2B. There are people within that that are distinct communities”

What defines these distinct communities? Perhaps they’re defined by role; by industry sector; by what they care about outside of their business.

Being immersed in the freelance community on a daily basis, Shane is aware of the disconnect this lifestyle can produce.

“Video is a great way to build a community that wouldn’t be possible with any other form of content,” he said. It’s an engaging way to connect people who are separated by sector, by role, by personal interests.”

It’s this idea of connecting that is so essential to the power of video. People want to engage with content that makes them feel something – that allows them to become a part of something. The visually engaging nature of video connects people with both the content itself and the other people also experiencing this content. It acts as a community builder.

Check out his video below!

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