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What we’re watching – February 2015

Newscred recently shared “the 10 most important YouTube videos of all time” – and it’s an amazing look at how the platform has developed and changed based on some key spots. From ‘Me at the Zoo’ – which signified the idea that there’s a desire for real, authentic content – to “Sunglass Catch” sparking an aha moment for marketers to embrace the YouTube platform, YouTube has had a lot of moments in its 10 year existance which have changed the face of video.

And as video platforms grow and develop, the video content we’re seeing on these platforms simultaneously explodes.

With the video space alive and thriving,  marketers need to get continually creative to stand out and resonate with an audience. So who’s doing it? We’ve all see the WestJet’s and Beer Fridges’ of the world – but beyond these big pieces that make headline after headline, what videos are resonating, and what’s interesting about these spots?

We sat down with our own Ian Buck and simply asked: what videos did you watch this month?

With 1 ad, 1 video format and 1 TV episode, here’s what caught Ian’s attention this month. What were you watching? Let us know at info@notchvideo.com

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